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  • Kate, Indianapolis, IN

    SDC's Dental Savings Plan is great for our family. We’ve always had limited access to dental care because high out-of-pocket costs, but now receive significant and transparent savings along with free office visits, free exams, free x-rays, and BIG SAVINGS on our cleanings!

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  • James & Dora, Louisville, KY

    We needed a 2 crowns on our last visit to our affiliated provider and ended up saving significantly on our treatment plan because of SDC's Dental Savings Plan.  Now that we have a dental plan with no maximums, we are making our oral health a priority and visiting our dentist more often!

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  • Jannette, Dayton, OH

    My family is quite large and I’ve never been able to provide them access to the dental care they need.  For only $116/year, SDC's Dental Savings Plan allows my family of 8 to save on their dental care.  Now that we have SDC's Dental Savings Plan we never miss a scheduled visit with our affiliated provider!

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  • Terry, Cleveland, OH

    I’m self employed and have never been able to afford quality dentistry at quality prices. SDC's Dental Savings Plan has given me the ability to receive the dental care I’ve always needed, including transparent savings on preventative, basic, major, and cosmetic dentistry.

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