Superior Dental Care has discontinued SDC’s Dental Savings Plan and will no longer offer memberships to patients beginning in February 2019. As a result, we will not be enrolling new members in SDC’s Dental Savings Plan after January 31, 2019.

If you are an existing member, your plan membership will expire at the end of your current membership term, and will not renew. If you have questions, please contact Member Support via email or call (888) 644-5401 Monday-Friday from 9am-7pm EST to speak with a dedicated Member Engagement Specialist.


Frequently Asked Questions

Patient FAQs | Provider FAQs

SDC's Dental Savings Plan is NOT INSURANCE, but rather a licensed Dental Savings Plan offered through your local dentist office.  This means that affiliated providers have agreed to charge active plan members at a discounted price for all preventive, basic, major, cosmetic, and orthodontic dental care.  Unlike traditional dental insurance, SDC's Dental Savings Plan has no waiting periods, pre-existing conditions, maximums, exclusions, and hassles.  Plan members simply present their member ID card to their affiliated provider at the time of service and save.
SDC Dental Savings Plan members are charged for services rendered based on their affiliated provider's transparent, pre-negotiated fee schedule - exclusive to active plan members only.  All preventive, basic, major, cosmetic, and orthodontic procedures are discounted.  Plan members are encouraged to check with their affiliated provider prior to treatment to ensure their provider offers their needed procedures.
Taking proper care of your oral health is extremely important.  Too often, people in need of dental care have significant problems affording and accessing quality dentistry  Dental insurance doesn't make sense for everyone, as there are sometimes waiting periods, maximums, and exclusions.  This has created an environment where many people don't have dental insurance and elect to pay out of pocket for their dental care.  SDC's Dental Savings Plan addresses these issues by providing a real solution for people who need quality dental care at affordable, transparent prices.
SDC's Dental Savings Plan differentiates itself from other dental savings plans in the market by including a $1,000 warranty on dental work rendered to plan members by their affiliated provider while their plan is active.  There is no additional cost associated with Keep On Smilin' Assurance coverage as it's included in the SDC Dental Savings Plan annual membership fee. Plan members must return to their affiliated provider for their regular scheduled visits, and be current with their annual membership payment when services are rendered and at the time the unforeseen dental issue occurs. *Terms & Conditions apply
SDC's In-House Dental Savings Plan is the first ever, turnkey In-House Dental Savings Plan specifically for independent and small group dental providers across Ohio, Indiana, and Kentucky.  SDC's In-House Dental Savings Plan platform was developed to give dental providers the ability to create and customize their office's own, proprietary In-House Dental Savings Plan without having to deal with any administrative hassles or high costs.  With SDC's In-House Dental Savings Plan, affiliated dental providers across Ohio, Kentucky, and Indiana now have the ability to offer their uninsured, "cash paying" patients, a professionally administered In-House Dental Savings Plan that meets their immediate and ongoing dental care needs.
Dentist that create and manage their In-House Dental Savings Plan on SDC's In-House Dental Savings Plan platform enjoy having a professionally administered in-house plan geared to help their office(s) gain financial control from the fast growing number of uninsured, "cash paying" patients.  SDC's In-House Dental Savings Plan platform gives your practice(s) the ability to offer your patients a professionally administered In-House Dental Savings Plan that's geared to (1) increase case acceptance rates, (2) increase services rendered, (3) increase patient loyalty, and (4) increase overall pricing consistency.
SDC's In-House Dental Savings Plan is NOT INSURANCE, but rather a licensed Dental Savings Plan.  For the plan member, this means there are NO waiting periods, NO pre-existing conditions, NO maximums, NO exclusions, and NO hassles.  For the affiliated provider that's running their plan's administration on SDC's In-House Dental Savings Plan platform, this means there is no tedious administration hassles that must be handled by the office.  Plan members simply pay the discounted rate at the time of service and are only able to use their plan at their affiliated provider's office(s).
Creating and managing your office's In-House Dental Savings Plan on SDC's In-House Dental Savings Plan platform is very affordable.  We offer three tiers of service from free to $59 per month, so you can find the platform pricing and options that fit your practice(s).  We cover all ongoing administrative costs, including compliance, marketing materials, member ID cards, initial provider training, ongoing provider training, customer service for plan members, and detailed plan analytics for affiliated providers.
Individual Plan $76.00 per year
Two Individuals Plan $96.00 per year
Family Plan $116.00 per year
We know that from time to time there are unforeseen issues with the dental work that practices render to their patients.  The vast majority of the time the post treatment issue is the fault of the patient, but blame is typically put on their dental provider.  This is why we cover our affiliated provider's dental work on their office's In-House Dental Savings members with our 5-yearar warranty called Keep On Smilin’ Assurance.  This warranty coverage is in place to help your practice and your patients with expenses associated with any unforeseen post treatment issues. *Terms & Conditions apply

ONLINE (Preferred Method)

• Patient or office personnel facilitates enrollment while patient is in the office.
• Visit this website:
• Simply click on the “Join Now” and submit patient information including credit/debit card.
• Enter your unique Provider ID Number so your plan members are proprietary to your practice(s).


• Have the patient complete SDC's Dental Savings Plan application located within the plan brochure.
• Credit card, debit card, check, and money order are all accepted (no cash).
• Verify the information is complete and legible.
• Enter your unique Provider ID Number on brochure application.
• Mail promptly to plan administrators for processing.

NOTE: Payment for SDC's Dental Savings Plan must be separate from dental services and cannot be combined.  The plan administrators reserve the right to audit affiliated providers to ensure payment was made.

SDC's Dental Savings Plan affiliated providers have access to a Provider Portal to edit their affiliated provider account information and view commission invoices on all plans sold and renewed.  Additionally, affiliated providers have online access to a robust Analytics Platform to view real-time plan metrics on their In-House Dental Savings Plan performance.  The Analytics Platform is very powerful, giving affiliated providers the ability to view their plan new plans sold, renewed plans, renewal percentages, and total plan members by month and year.  The Analytics Platform also gives affiliated providers the ability to verify their members' eligibility while they're in the office.

Superior Dental Plan

Please contact us directly if you have any questions regarding SDC's Dental Savings Plan.

Provider Engagement - (888) 644-5401 option 1
Monday - Friday | 9 am - 7 pm EST
Contact one of our Provider Engagement Specialists if you're a dental provider interested in creating your In-House Dental Savings Plan using the SDC  Platform, or if you're already an affiliated provider and need any assistance.

Member Engagement - (888) 644-5401 option 2
Monday - Friday | 9 am - 7 pm EST
If you would like to enroll with SDC's Dental Savings Plan, or you're already a plan member and have a question about your Dental Savings Plan, one of our Member Engagement Specialists can help.

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