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Create Your In-House Dental Savings Plan Today

Discover how using the SDC Platform to create and customize your proprietary In-House Dental Savings Plan can help your dental practice(s) better service and retain self-pay patients.

The SDC Platform offers an array of unique administration features that will allow your In-House Dental Savings Plan to be best-in-class.  Check out the options below to find the platform that best suits your practice(s).

The SDC Platform features unique administrative tools specifically geared to help dental providers increase their case acceptance rates, services rendered and patient loyalty through the use of a professionally administered In-House Dental Savings Plan. We realize that dentists don't have the time, nor the resources, to efficiently administer their own In-House Dental Savings Plan, so we decided to do something about it and created the SDC Platform.

Check out the short video below about the many benefits of creating and managing your In-House Dental Savings Plan using the SDC Platform.

SDC's Dental Savings Plan on Vimeo.

Create your In-House Dental Savings Plan from start to finish in minutes using our revolutionary online tool.  Our technology makes creating and customizing your In-House Dental Savings Plan's fee schedule and co-branded marketing materials quick and easy.


Create Your In-House Plan Today!


Create Your In-House Plan Today!

If you're a forward-thinking dental provider then SDC's Dental Savings Plan is for you!

  • FEE SCHEDULE created by you
  • PROPRIETARY to your practice(s)
  • COMPLIANT with your state
  • PROFESSIONALLY administered
  • BILLING support
  • MEMBER engagement
  • COMMISSIONS for all plans sold

Hear what dentists are saying about creating and customizing their proprietary In-House Dental Savings Plan using the SDC Platform.

"Creating our In-House Dental Savings Plan using the SDC Platform gives us the ability to offer our self-pay patients a professionally administered dental plan that's proprietary to our practice.  Our In-House Dental Savings Plan provides significant value for our patients and addresses the complexities we have as a practice communicating the importance of quality, affordable dentistry."

Superior discount dental savings plan
"Now, more than ever, we needed an In-House Dental Savings Plan offering that helps our increasing number of uninsured patients.  Whether it's a patient that's a retiree and no longer has a dental plan, or a patient who post Affordable Care Act no longer has a viable employer dental plan offering, our In-House Dental Savings Plan is a great tool to help our patients afford their recommended dental care."

"Our practice is contracted with a variety of third-party payors.  It became evident that our payors did not want us charging uninsured patients less than what we charged their plan members.  Having a regulatory compliant In-House Dental Savings Plan does a great job 'protecting our UCR', reduces our business risk, and adding integrity to our retail pricing structure."

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